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From FUFU Kyoto to FUFU Nara
Travel Relay to enrich your mind and body with hot springs and relaxation

FUFU Kyoto FUFU Kyoto


1st Day FUFU Kyoto

1st Day
FUFU Kyoto Leave your luggage behind in FUFU Kyoto for a tour and lunch in the surrounding area.

Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art Photo: Koroda Takeru

13:00 Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art

Kyoto’s featured art museums. Highlights of the museum include its rich collection and genre-defying exhibitions in addition to the retro architecture.

[Visiting Hours]1 hour and 30 minutes



15:00 Check-in

Enjoy tea in the guestroom

Enjoy the local teas of Kyoto with the smooth water boiled in an iron kettle. Relax and relieve away your fatigue from travel.


Incense-smelling experience

16:00 Incense-smelling experience

Experience the traditional incense-smelling ceremony in a remote garden. Make your very own original scent bag to take home by mixing together your favorite incense woods.

Hot spring bath in your room

17:00 Hot spring bath in your room

All the rooms at FUFU Kyoto offer hinoki-cypress baths flowing with natural hot springs. Soothe your mind and body in the hot spring and the bathroom that is overflowing with the light emitting from the paper of the sliding door and scent from the hinoki-cypress.

Dinner at Restaurant “Ioto”

Dinner at Restaurant “Ioto”

18:00 Dinner at Restaurant "Ioto"

Full-course Japanese cuisine under the theme of Kyoto vegetables and charcoal-grilled dishes. Please enjoy Kyoto cuisine that playfully incorporates ideas such as roasting over charcoal.

A drink at the “Yae Hitoe” bar

A drink at the “Yae Hitoe” bar

20:00 A drink at the "Yae Hitoe" bar

Enjoy a drink time after your meal at the detached Japanese-style bar while overlooking the Japanese garden.

2nd Day FUFU Kyoto~FUFU Nara

2nd Day
FUFU Kyoto ~ FUFU Nara

Walking along the Lake Biwa Canal

6:00 Walking along the Lake Biwa Canal

At FUFU Kyoto, we offer casual clothing and sneakers rentals. We recommend that while looking at Mt. Higashiyama, walk along the Lake Biwa Canal to the Keage Incline, and then to the area around Nanzenji Temple.

Enjoy a private hot spring

7:30 Enjoy a private hot spring

The hot spring in the guestroom is maintained at a comfortable temperature 24 hours a day and can be enjoyed as many times as you like at any time.


9:00 Breakfast

Enjoy a seasonal breakfast with the Fukuezen, a lineup of colorful dishes, and FUFU Kyoto's original Anto broth.

12:00 Check-out Traveling to Nara
(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Lunch at the “Kitsune”

Lunch at the “Kitsune”

13:30 Lunch at the "Kitsune"

If you are ever near the Kintetsu Nara station, enjoy lunch at a restaurant that offers tasty Sukiyaki, located in the Naramachi area.

Head towards “FUFU Nara”

14:30 Head towards “FUFU Nara”

Head towards FUFU Nara from the Naramachi area as you stroll through the townscape of Nara park where adorable packs of deer roam free. You can also visit the Ukimido Pavilion nearby FUFU Nara on the way.

Arrive to FUFU Nara

14:50 Arrive to FUFU Nara (Check-in)

 Enjoy the incredible view from the large communal bath

15:00 Spa by sisley

Treatment at Spa by sisley At FUFU Nara, after soaking in a medicinal bath to warm your body, we offer an original treatment course that incorporates "Zen breathing" to calm your mind.


A drink before your meal at “BAR Ren”

17:00 A drink before your meal at "BAR Ren"

Enjoy our original cocktails made with spices, or various types of domestic whiskey and wine.

A teppanyaki-grill dinner at “Kuri”

A teppanyaki-grill dinner at “Kuri”

18:00 A teppanyaki-grill dinner at "Kuri"

FUFU Nara's teppanyaki-grill course uses Yamato (Nara-sourced) vegetables, Japanese herbs, and local ingredients. We offer dishes that are healthy for the body that can only be tasted here.
* Japanese cuisine is also available.

Enjoy a private hot spring

Enjoy a private hot spring

20:00 Enjoy a private hot spring

All the guestrooms at FUFU Nara offer open-air natural hot spring baths. Nara is the birthplace of Japanese medicine and we offer guests the original herbal medicine fragrance pack for bathing. Please relax while feeling the sounds of the bamboo garden.

3rd Day FUFU Hakone

3rd Day

View the mountains drenched in the morning sun from the large communal bath

8:00 Breakfast

Starting with a smoothie made from Yamato vegetables, we offer side dishes that abundantly use local ingredients along with tea porridge, which is a local dish of Nara.

11:00 Check-out The "Kasugataisha Shrine" is
located 8 minutes away on foot
from FUFU Nara

Visiting Kasugataisha Shrine

11:10 Visiting Kasugataisha Shrine

A sacred World Heritage Site, the Kasugataisha Shrine. Symbolic shrines, matchmaking and deer fortune charms are also popular. In addition, the "Kasugataisha Museum" is nearby, where you can view national treasures and important cultural properties.

Lunch at the “Tekisui”

Lunch at the “Tekisui”

12:30 Lunch at the "Tekisui"

For a taste of the flavors of Nara, we recommended grilled curry. Please enjoy it in the space overlooking the garden adjacent to the Ukimido Pavilion.

Lunch at the “Tekisui”


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